What we offer

Atlantis C&T facilitates the whole process of applying to Higher Education courses. As we place the utmost importance on the individual, our services are tailored to each client. Even after the application, Atlantis C&T supports its students during the course of their study.

Our team is fluent in English and Arabic and aware of the latest academic requirements of UK Higher Education Institutions. We are proud to provide a dedicated service and we strive to ensure that our students feel motivated and engaged through the duration of their study.

Our results demonstrate our success – in the academic year 2014/15 alone we placed over 300 students onto HE courses.

The Application Process


students into Higher Educational Institutions.


students onto the right course or specialisation.


the whole admissions process.


students throughout their time in education.

Atlantis C&T understands the different and often complicated admissions processes for various institutions. To simplify this, we offer advice on the best institutions for our student’s specialisations.

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We deal with the whole admissions process, liaising with the institutions and dealing with all necessary documentation.

We are able to help and facilitate the following tasks:

  • Corresponding with all universities of choice and completing all enrolment procedures.
  • Applying for Student Visas.
  • Translating qualifications, HEI and Home Office Documents.