International Development

We have many aims in the scope of International Development. We place a high importance on International Knowledge Transfer and protecting and improving the word around us through education.
Primarily we focus on:

  • Improving water and sanitation in developing countries
  • Developing renewable energy sources
  • Improving environmental management
  • Promoting technology-based business activities
  • Promoting training for small businesses in developing countries

Case Studies

Bangladesh: Mission Recycling

Atlantis C&T has been involved to link local investors from Bangladesh with UK based waste-management firms. Preliminary discussion is in the process.

Bulgaria: Somlyan Municipality

Atlantis C & T was involved in the improving and expanding the private sector in solid waste services in Bulgaria. A report was prepared by the Atlantis C & T current consultant to the Somlyan Municipality in Bulgaria for waste management options.

Kenya: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya

Atlantis C&T specialists were involved with Land Network from the UK to arrange a technical visit for staff from Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. This visit demonstrated the “gate-fee” system, one of the primary systems used in the UK.


Atlantis C&T’s research and development department is initiated in developing a project to use waste for enhancing soil and reverse desertification in Libya, Atlantis C & T has been involved with the Ministry of Agricultural, Environmental Agency and Ministry of Utility to utilise the city waste in order to enhance Libyan soil so as to produce organic crops.

Iraq: Dejela Company

Preliminary discussion has been established between Atlantis C&T and Dejela Company from Iraq to sign PPP contract with Iraqi government.

Republic of Congo: Community Work

Working with local partners in Congo and community organisations based in Wales, Atlantis C&T has been able to develop water projects and water sanitation programmes.

Rwanda: Coop Farming

Atlantis C & T has been involved with the support and development of a Co-operative Farmer’s Market in Rwanda. The project is designed as a social enterprise in Rwanda; by working with local community Atlantis C&T and our partners have been able to implement the Social Enterprise to produce, market and secure jobs in many different community groups.

Somaliland: Hargeisa

Atlantis C&T’s associates were called to evaluate financial and technical analysis for a local company in Hargeisa. Working on Environmental Health Training Programmes with Somali progress association in Wales. This will be delivered to Somaliland professionals, various local authorities and Somaliland’s Ministry of Health.